Why kids who play sports may perform better in class

1 Jul

Children who played structured sports with a coach in kindergarten were better able to follow instructions and stay focused in the classroom when they reached fourth grade, Quebec researchers have found.


All-Star Invitational

15 Apr
Oakville boys warming-up at the 2014 All Star Invitational.

Oakville boys warming-up at the 2014 All Star Invitational.

I hope those of you who attended the All-Stars Meet in Brampton this past Sunday came away thinking it was a good experience for the boys and that it was successful. I know Ricardo, Allison and I thought the boys did very well.

It was cool to see so many little Demo guys first thing in the am- all ready and eager to go (no tears even). No one seemd too stressed and the big group warm-up went well! It was impressive to watch all of the boys do their routines [and remember them!]

I wanted to try and get a group picture after awards and have a quick chat with parents- but the other group had already started their warm-up and the space upstairs was very limited as you all know.

A BIG Thank-you goes out to Allison Fraser for helping take a group as it would have been far more difficult and made the meet longer had she not made herself available to assist!

Allison, if you don’t already know, coaches at the gym, has been assisting with our boys pre-comp program for a while now and has a son who competes Provincially for the gym.

Oakville boys at the 2014 All Star Invitational

The Interclub boys in the second flight also did an awesome job. The boys walked away with a lot of medals and ribbons (Not the only way we judge success by the way). I know I was happy to see how well-behaved and focused the boys were. I know my boys lasted through the warm-up and had finished 3 rotations before they started getting a bit more relaxed and talkative. I did have to speak to a few of the boys about being disrespectful to other athletes competing- and I will remind them again in the gym for future. Obviously we want the boys to learn the protocols, etiquette and good sportsmanship required at competitions.

– Dave Harris

Head Over Heels About Gymnastics – Gemma Coles

Ontario Championships

15 Apr

Congratulations to all of our Oakville Men’s Artistic athletes for their great performances at the 2014 Ontario Championships.

Oakville had eight Ontario Champions on eight events in seven different Age Groups! There were also five Silver and nine Bronze apparatus medals awarded to Oakville athletes.


All-around Medalist:

  • Evan Smeets: Bronze Level 3 (10-12)
  • Ireneo Membrere: Silver Level 3 (13+)
  • Aidan Chin: Silver Level 4 (10-12)

Ontario Champions:

  • Mateo Neves: Level 1 (8-9) Vault
  • Erik Pan: Level 1 (10-12) High Bar
  • Evan Smeets: Level 3 (10-12) Floor
  • Kieran Bryne: Level 3 (13+) Rings
  • Aidan Chin: Level 4 (10-12) High Bar
  • Max Perrier: Level 5 (12+) High Bar
  • Andrew Sheehan: Youth Rings and Vault

Silver Medalists:

  • Keagan Mulvey: Level 2 (8-9) High Bar
  • Jayson Rampersad: Level 3 (10-12) Parallel Bars
  • Ireneo Membrere: Level 3 (13+) Parallel Bars
  • Aidan Chin: Level 4 (10-12) Vault
  • Max Perrier: Level 5 (12+) Rings

Bronze Medalists:

  • Matthew Sparling: Level 2 (13+) Pommel Horse and Rings
  • Nathan Vieira: Level 3 (10-12) Floor
  • Jayson Rampersad: Level 3 (10-12) High Bar
  • Ireneo Membrere: Level 3 (13+) Pommel Horse
  • Aidan Chin: Level 4 (10-12) Pommel Horse and Rings
  • Kyle Farnsworth: Level 5 (12+) Floor
  • Andrew Sheehan: Youth High BarThank you to our Oakville MAG coaches, gymnasts and parents for a great Provincials!


Easter Weekend

9 Apr

The following changes have been made to the Men’s training Schedule:

  • No Training on Good Friday — April 18th.
  • Regular training on Saturday — April 19th.
  • No Training on Easter Monday — April 21st.

Ontario Championships Schedule Changes

29 Mar

Level 4, 5 and Youth

Provincial Levels 4, 5 and Youth will train from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Thursday April 3rd.

Level 1, 2 and 3

Provincial Levels 1, 2 and 3 will train from 9:00 to 12:00 pm on Friday April 4th.

Competition Information

Information for the upcoming Ontario Championships can be found on the Gymnastics Ontario Events Calendar

Third Ontario Qualifier Schedule Changes

19 Mar

Minor changes to the training schedule due to the Third Ontario Qualifier in Kitchener-Waterloo.

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Saturday February 22, 2014

19 Feb

No changes to Ricardo’s Interclub A and Interclub B groups on Saturday.

Interclub A (1:00 – 4:00)

Interclub B (10:00 – 1:00)

The following groups are cancelled due to the Second Ontario Qualifier:

Kips (11:00 – 1:00)

Saltos (1:00 – 4:00)

All Provincial Level groups are competing at the Second Ontario Qualifier.


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